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Wedding destinations in india

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A wedding is much more than just an event for both the bride and groom. To create that perfect dream-like fairy tale wedding you need to tend to minute details with precision and seamless planning.

One of the crucial reasons we love weddings so much is that they’re typically full of rituals. Whether you’re invited as a guest, attending as a member of the wedding party, or simply curious, there are a few of the Indian weddings traditions and rituals you should expect to see.

At Celebra dreams, we understand what this event means to you and how we can make it the most memorable day of your life. We offer extremely organised and time-oriented services to help you plan, design and organise best weddings in India.

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Wedding destinations in India are magical with glitz, glamour and romance at the most exotic wedding venues that include magnificent palaces, grand hotels and sun-kissed beaches.

Beach Weddings in India

Beach wedding view

Indian weddings venue of Goa and Kerala beach

A wedding is an occasion which generates a rush of emotions and undefined sentiments like no other. Indian beach weddings is a perfect way to make this special day a cherished memory for life. India is blessed with a number of beaches that provide azure waters and picturesque hills that become a celestial ambiance as you tie your sacramental knot and step into a matrimonial life. 

If you are searching for an experienced wedding planner for Goa beach weddings we offer awe-inspiring ideas and precision planning to set the perfect mood for the nuptials. A fairy tale Christian weddings in Goa India is straight out of fantasy.

Beach wedding
Beach wedding destination in India
Beach wedding
Beach wedding in India

Royal Weddings in India

Wedding destinations in india
Wedding destinations in india

Wedding planner for Rajasthan, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur

Every couple desires to celebrate their marriage in a majestic and imperial way. The royal land of Rajasthan offers an unmatched, exciting and rewarding experience for couples interested in the royal wedding. With the backdrop of royal palaces and elephants, royal weddings in Rajasthan highlight the cultural and traditional richness and picturesque landscapes of India. 

As a wedding planner in Rajasthan, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur wedding we help you plan and organise your wedding event with great pomp and extravaganza.

The big fat Indian weddings are just getting bigger and fatter. While many Bollywood movies still struggle to make earn huge revenue, there are many big and affluent celebrities and personalities who join that easily by throwing the most lavish weddings.

Destination wedding planners in India

With religious diversity, India has plenty of temples, mosques, churches, synagogues and Buddhists institutions all over. This makes it ideal to get married in India based on whatever religion, ideologies and faith you believe in.  As a wedding planners in Delhi, India, we bring unique touches to weddings. Focusing on executing your special day down to the last detail.

Wedding destinations in india

Weddings in Delhi

wedding destinations in india

Weddings in Kerala

wedding destinations in india

Weddings in Hyderabad

Wedding destinations in india

Weddings in Shimla

Wedding destinations in india

Weddings in Agra

Wedding destinations in india

Weddings in Kolkata

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