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How to plan a destination wedding in India?

How to plan a destination wedding in India?

All you need to know and more

As exciting as a destination wedding is, the whole process of planning and implementing is going to more than a few extra tasks to your checklist. We bring you the all-important elements you need to be aware of, to make your ‘happily ever after’ a glitch-free affair.

Wedding planning is tedious enough. Add a dream destination to the mix, and you are bound to have more work on your hands. The fact that you want to tie the knot at an exotic wedding destination is a given, but you’ll need to factor in several other variables to arrive at the most suitable choice.

Considering millennial weddings are high on the tiniest personal detail, choose a destination says something about you as a couple or your love story. First met each other while holidaying in India? Did the proposal take place in Goa? Use these milestone moments to select your venue.

Once you decide to have your destination wedding in India, ensure that the locale you pick is easy to reach by air, rail or road, You don’t want to tire your guests with multiple layovers before they even check-in; which brings us to uncomplicated visa formalities—visa on arrival is always the most ideal option, but if not, ensure that your guests are dealing with a fuss-free embassy, with reasonable processing time.


Once you’ve shortlisted the plausible locations in India, let the nitty-gritty guide your final decision. And get answers of your vital questions like: What is the size of your guest list? What are the wedding dates? Can one hotel accommodate all these guests on said dates? Does this hotel have prior experience with Indian weddings of this scale? Are there enough venues in the area to host the various functions? Will the city enjoy favourable weather during these dates? What are the local customs and laws that could affect the celebrations?

Since the age group of invitees at an Indian wedding is particularly wide, ensure that the city and hotel is convenient for everyone, especially the elders. Also, look at aspects like distance from the airport, proximity to the city’s main sights and ease of language, among others.

When choosing a location, try finding one that has a singular local charm—hints of which you can weave into your events to give it a unique, memorable flavour.

Once you’ve shortlisted your top locations, conduct a thorough recce before saying, ‘I do’ to one. A wedding and event planner with expertise, experience and the know-how you need to make the entire process seamless, it is only natural that you’ll want to work with professionals and this is where Celebra Dreams fulfils all your requirements.

The thing is, planning a destination wedding is like being in a long-distance relationship. The bride will not be able to handle every last detail by herself, so show some faith in your planner and let them take over.

Make sure to send your invites early. It’s only fair that you give your guests ample notice to work your wedding dates into their calendar. Go a step further and find a travel agent who can work out a group booking discount on flights, especially if you’re having your guests fly halfway across the world for your two-day celebration.

It’s natural to want to pack your wedding itinerary with a plethora of diverse events and parties. You don’t want to tire yourself and your guests by simply running from the function to the changing room without a breather. Keep the decor minimal and play up the natural beauty of your chosen destination. Place themed welcome packages in the hotel rooms, arrange transportation for your guests and add quirky details to all the events that are equal parts thoughtful and friendly.

Another important area couples tend to overlook is researching the legalities of tying the knot in a different country. Some countries may require you to reside there for a certain number of days before your ceremony. To avoid complications, consider legalising your wedding in your home country before you travel overseas.

The world is your altar, and no city or country is off limits. Allow your sensibility as a couple to navigate this meandering road of choices. Luxury-loving couples may find their match in the palace hotels of Rajasthan, beaches of Goa, the back waters of Kerala or one of the many other breath taking destinations in India.

Choose a destination with a balance of indoor and outdoor venues, so that your guests are not left enduring climate extremities. Give everyone a heads up on the expected temperatures so they can pack accordingly. A welcome gift of a shawl, a hat or a scarf will also make for a thoughtful touch that is sure to be appreciated by your guests.